Farm Focus: Saying Goodbye to Kelsey

Farewell Kelsey
We are very sorry to be bidding farewell to Kelsey, our Outreach Coordinator.  We are, however, happy that she’ll be pursuing a career in food and nutrition after her departure.  This August Kelsey will be returning to school to pursue a master’s degree in Public Health Nutrition at UC Berkeley.
Previous to her work in agriculture and food systems, Kelsey taught math in SF public schools.  During this time she became aware that many kids would benefit from having inceased access to and education around healthy food and nutrition. She began volunteering at the Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture with their foodwise program where elementary school classes visit the Farmer’s Market for discussions on produce and farmers, shop in the market, and participate in basic cooking demonstrations. She loved combining education and sustainable food.

She decided she wanted to learn more about sustainable agriculture and how to connect people to it.  That’s how she came to Frog Hollow.
She feels her work at Frog Hollow has given her a deeper appreciation of sustainable agriculture and helped her understand the administrative and operational needs of running a program, which she hopes to put to use following her degree. Following school, she’d like to work delivering educational programming based on nutrition through a non profit or a food bank.
During her time at Frog Hollow Kelsey said she loved having the opportunity to get to know so many people in different communities throughout the Bay Area and that she feels as though she could be at the farm forever and still be learning new things. The thing she will miss most is having a weekly escape from the hecticness of city life and having the opportunity to be in open space among so many trees during days at the farm.  Luckily, she will continue on as a CSA member so she won’t have to miss the fruit! We wish Kelsey all the best and will miss her.

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