Farm Focus: Farm Visits

We’ve been making an effort to invite more people out to
experience the wonders that is Frog Hollow Farm. Until last
year we were closed to the public, this was because we are
so busy it is difficult to find time to accommodate tours.
However, this didn’t seem right, because there is so much to
learn at the farm. Long story short, we’re now hosting tours,
and we invite you to bring your family and friends to the farm!
We’ll accommodate tour groups of 6-20 people- this usually
consists of a walking tour and tasting, but on special occasions
the visit can also include lunch or a hands-on workshop.

Just last week we hosted an open public tour, and nearly
40 people showed up! The group was diverse, it included
2 chefs, 3 toddlers, some long time farm customers, and to
our surprise, one of Farmer Al’s high school track buddies!
We took off on an hour walking tour of the orchard, followed
by a fruit and olive oil tasting, and a Q and A session with
Farmer Al. I am always intrigued by the questions that arise.
We often are asked about pest management strategies on
our native cover crop. On this tour, we were asked about
the source of the water in the canal, and how we keep our
fruit from getting mealy. The source of our water is always a
complicated question – the 47 mile long aqueduct is fed by a
variety of rivers, all of which originate in the Sierras that feed
into the Sacramento river.

As interesting as the walking tour is, everyone’s favorite part is
tasting fruit, especially this time of year. While they tasted Cal
Reds and Flavor King pluots, Farmer Al told the gorup about
the history of Frog Hollow Farm. How he started on 10 acres,
40 years ago, and has grown every year since. Our favorite
quote of the day was when one of the attendees exclaimed-
“Farmer Al, you’re like the Tesla of organic farming!”

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