Fruit & News of the Week: December 4th, 2017

This Week’s Fruit:

Pink Lady Apples
Frog Hollow Farm, Brentwood, CA
Pink Lady is a cross between the Golden Delicious and
Lady Williams. They are a crisp and juicy apple with a tart
finish. Pink skins and a creamy white colored flesh that
resists browning make this an excellent apple for salads
and slicing.



Selection of Heirloom Apples
Frog Hollow Farm, Brentwood, CA
Cox’s Orange Pippin – A yellow to orange-hued skin with red
mottling dating back to 19th-century England. A sweet yet
com-plexly flavored apple with yellowish white flesh. Belle de
Bos-koop – Hailing from Holland in 1856 this is a yellow skin
apple often with a red blush. The creamy white flesh is crisp,
sweet-tart and highly aromatic.Granny Smith – A bright green
skinned apple with a tart finish. Ashmead’s Kernel – dating
from the 1700’s this is a golden-skinned apple with high russeting.
The creamy yellow flesh is aromatic, crisp and sweet.
Pink Pearl – Created in 1944 in California, the Pink Pearl have an
orange flushed skin which opens to a delicate to vibrant flesh.



Warren European Pear
Frog Hollow Farm, Brentwood, CA
This is Frog Hollow Farm’s signature pear and for good reason.
Too difficult to grow for most farmers to consider it’s never
caught on commercially but Farmer Al has never shied awayfrom
putting the time and effort into a fruit that tastes so good.
With a classic European texture, very soft and juicy with a
silky sweetness that avoids the typical grittiness found in most



Frog Hollow Farm, Brentwood, CA
Native to the regions of Persia and the Western Himalayan
range, pomegranates have been cultivated for several millennia.
When sliced open a beautiful array of jewel-like seeds are
displayed. The aril is the colorful casing that
surrounds the edible seeds and has a sweet tart flavor.



Hayward Kiwi
Chiechi Farm, Live Oak, CA
Originally known as the Chinese gooseberry due to its Chinese
origins. Hawyward Wright, a New Zealand nurseryman propagated
his plants by grafting, and they eventually became the
preferred cultivar of growers due to their sweet flavor and thin


A Note from Farmer Al:


Dear CSA Members,
This winter, in February, we will plant 56 acres of trees. The key factor in accomplishing this is to gt the ground ready in the fall, before winter rains set in (see today’s farm focus for the process). We’re almost there. We’ve just finished three of the four fields and they look great. One field was touch and go. When our tractor driver was making the berms ( a long ridge of loose dirt which looks like a pint-sized compost windrow only 1 foot high) that we plant the trees on, we was stopping about 20 feet short of the full length of the tree row. Because the neighboring farm had buried a 6 inch “lay – flat” rubber hose right on the property line. I immediately called the manager of the farm and described
the situation to him. I proposed that he move the hose 15 feet south into his field. That way, there would be 15 feet on his side of the line for tractor turning and 15 feet on our side of the line. In other words, a 30 foot clear turning zone that could be shared by them and us.

He immediately saw the fairness of this arrangement. Next morning at 7:00 am a team of 10 people showed up and worked all day long to make the necessary changes. At 7.30 am I texted him “Thanks for the quick response”!

He texted back: “No problem. Peach pie next year is all I
ask :-)”
It’s great to have good neighbors!

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