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Farm Focus: Cover Crops

This winter we are continuing our work with Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) which has provided funding for us to purchase seed to plant cover crops in one of our orchards. Frog Hollow has long been a proponent of keeping

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Farm Focus: Cover Crops

Most people have disdain towards the weeds that grow in their garden. At Frog Hollow Farm, we not only embrace weeds, but we purposefully plant them to improve what we do. It might sound crazy, but many weeds provide important

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Farm Focus: Soil as a Carbon Sink

Courtesy of the fine folks at CalCAN With climate change, scientists predict that California will experience more weather extremes that will put a huge strain on our community and on agriculture. Farmers and ranchers are among the first to experience

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Farm Focus: Sour Clover

Sour Clover in bloom.

As winter settles in on the farm and our production slows, we have a brief respite to plan for the year ahead and try out new things. This week, we’ve been looking for a creative method for managing gophers. These

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