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Farm Focus: 800 Feet of Hedgerow Planted!

Kristin Planting our Hedgerow

Okay folks, this will be our last post about conservation projects on the farm…we’re just so excited about these efforts! ¬†Our last conservation project this year was to plant a hedgerow of trees and shrubs, in conjunction with our partnership

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Farm Focus: Pest Control

Native flowers on the farm promote a healthy habitat.

In last week’s newsletter we talked about how we leave our weed cuttings in the tree rows to provide organic matter for the soil. Leaving these weed cuttings in the rows also provides nest-building materials for our friends, the earwig eating birds.

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Checking on the fruit

A photo of few medium sized Super Z peaches on the tree.

Sarah, Jeff, Karen, Karina and I just went for a walk through the orchards to check out the new variety of peaches that are beating our cherries off the tree.

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