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Farm Focus: Winterizing Honey Bees

Kelly Knapp of Miss Bee Haven, who tends several hives at Frog Hollow, is busy this time of year! She is preparing the bees to weather the winter ahead. She begins by checking the health of each hive. She opens

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Farm Focus: Blooms and Bees

On a recent sunny day driving through the orchard on the golf cart with farmer Al, we stopped to admire a new planting of annual flowers that were in bloom. Blooms of a purplish blue hue were flooding the 20

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Farm Focus: UC Berkeley Urban Bee Lab Part 2

In the past seven years, the Berkeley Urban Bee Lab has helped Frog Hollow seed 20 acres of our farm with over 500 individual plant types. They have successfully grown the population of native bees on our farm from 20

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Farm Focus: The Berkeley Urban Bee Lab


Our food system is in trouble.  Farming has become increasingly more difficult. Many factors are causing farming to become increasingly more difficult including, climate change, an increasing need for bee keepers and bee pollinators, and a drastic decrease in the

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