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Farm Focus: Feeding Our Compost

At Frog Hollow, we don’t have cattle like TomKat ranch, but we have our own systems to sequester carbon and regenerate our soil. We use our farm resources to add a diversity of microbial life to our soil through our

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Fruit & News of the Week: June 26th 2017

This week’s fruit: Rich Lady Peaches Frog Hollow Farm, Brentwood, CA Rich with both color and flavor, the Rich Lady peach is a superb yellow-fleshed semi-freestone developed by Floyd Zaiger, acclaimed plant breeder, of Zaiger Genetics. Ruby Diamond Nectarines Frog

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Farm Focus: Food Waste

There is growing attention on the topic of food waste in sustainability and food security circles.  It’s estimated that 40% of the food grown, distributed, and sold in the United States is wasted. In our own sunny California, it’s estimated

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Farm Focus: Sour Clover

Sour Clover in bloom.

As winter settles in on the farm and our production slows, we have a brief respite to plan for the year ahead and try out new things. This week, we’ve been looking for a creative method for managing gophers. These

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Farm Focus: Cardboard Shredder Update

We are very pleased with our recent acquisition of our new cardboard shredder. We started shredding cardboard with it about 6 weeks ago and are very happy with the results. At this time, we are shredding about 1,050 lbs. of

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