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Fruit and News of the Week: May 5th

THIS WEEK’S FRUIT Kettleman Apricots Frog Hollow Farm, Brentwood, CA Named after the California town near where this apricot variety was bred and tested, the Kettleman has a hint of tartness that apricot fans love along with a beautiful aroma.

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Week of May 15th 2011

CSA Box with peaches, oranges, avocados, kiwis, strawberries, blueberries, and granola

For next week’s cherries, the ripening process is definitely impacted (slowed down).

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How to slice an orange

Three blood oranges in a row on a wooden railing with the farm in the background.

I’m a fan of easy to peel citrus, which is why I love mandarins and tangelos. For any of the more stubborn citrus to peel, I simply use my trusty ceramic paring knife.

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Week of December 20th

CSA box filled with pears, apples, feijoa, oranges, apples, and a jar of conserve.

For us, “tis the season” of cold, wet weather… Working in muddy soil to prune 25,000 trees, rake the prunings, trap gophers, and generally get the trees ready for the coming years crop.

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Week of November 29th

Looks like I jumped the gun about the paper insert and had my mind focused a little too much on turkey day. Sorry, folks, that message I mentioned last week is actually scheduled to be in your box this coming week–the week of the 6th.

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