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Fruit & News of the Week: February 20th

THIS WEEK’S FRUIT: Tarocco Blood Oranges Frog Hollow Farm, Brentwood, CA A beautiful orange to deep red flesh is revealed when you slice open a Tarocco. The flesh of the blood orange is firmer and more dense than an orange

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Fruit & News of the Week: July 18th

THIS WEEK’S FRUIT:  Zee Lady Peaches Frog Hollow Farm,  Brentwood, CA Renowned horticulturist Floyd Zaiger is responsible for many of our favorite varieties, and the Zee Lady is another Zaiger gem. The Zee Lady is a good sized peach that’s

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Farm Focus: Harvesting

At Frog Hollow Farm, we pride ourselves in our delicious, tree ripened fruit. Farmer Al is very passionate about bringing the tastiest, juiciest, and sweetest fruit to his customers. Because of this, he allows our fruit to ripen on the

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Fruit & News of the Week: June 13th

THIS WEEK’S FRUIT:   Emeraude Nectarine Frog Hollow Farm, Brentwood, CA A white flesh nectarine similar in flavor to the Jade, Emeraude’s subtlesweetness and low acidity makes it a great contrast to our early-season yellow peaches. Santa Rosa Plum Frog Hollow

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Week of June 12th 2011

CSA Box filled with two cherry clamshells and an assortment of peaches and apricots.

So…rain destroyed 95% of our apricot crop during the bloom period! Bad enough, right?

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